Volunteer Spotlight

How does it work?  YOU make it work. Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program and Idaho Legal Aid Services depend on the dedication and generosity of Idaho attorneys. Whether you choose to take a case, act as a mentor to another attorney or volunteer at one of our free legal clinics, your time truly makes a difference. 

We'd like to introduce you to one of our volunteers. 


Meet JJ Winters! 


JJ Winters

Hometown/town where you live:  4th generation Idahoan - grew up on a potato farm in Eastern Idaho (basically an Idaho cliché) and now live in Boise.


Favorite IVLP volunteer moment? So many! My favorite moments are always that instant you see the visible relief in a client’s face and hear the relieved “sigh” when they get the help or answer they have been stressing about.  I have learned volumes from watching the other rockstar attorneys who show up to the Family Law Clinic, Street Law Clinic and Veteran’s Clinic and week after week and give hours of their valuable time without compensation or recognition. From them, I have learned true compassion, the importance of knowing when to be frank because you don’t always have a magic answer, and that sometimes, lawyering is simply reassuring someone that they’re going to be OK.  


Why do you make the time to do pro bono service? What does it mean to you? I volunteer at the clinics because it keeps my perspective in check. Because sometimes I need that reminder that I have a lot to be grateful for, and that I really don’t have any problems in my life that aren’t “good problems.” Sometimes, the silly little annoying things we complain about in our lives are the same things someone else would give anything to have.   


Thank you, JJ!


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