Terms of Use


Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities Website (PBOW) is a website operated by Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. (ILAS) and Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP).  The purpose of PBOW is to increase access to civil legal services for those who cannot afford to pay for an attorney.  There is no fee for the use of the system.

All individuals whose requests for legal services are posted on PBOW have been screened by ILAS or IVLP to ensure that they meet income eligibility requirements for ILAS and IVLP services.  The case information posted has been provided by each individual client. 

Attorneys who register to use PBOW must be licensed and in good standing with the Idaho State Bar.  Eligible attorneys will be authorized by ILAS and IVLP to access and use the case information posted on PBOW for the purpose of finding opportunities to provide legal representation to clients on a pro bono basis.  Attorneys may not use the case information on the PBOW site for any other purpose. 

Conflicts of Interest

Generic case information will be posted on PBOW and available for review by all registered users.  However, to access detailed information about a particular case, a registered user must perform a conflicts check.  If you decide to access detailed case information, you will request and be provided with party names so that you can conduct the necessary check.  If you do not have a conflict, you will be required to affirm that no conflict exists before accessing the detailed case information.

The attorney user acknowledges that there may be instances in which the attorney reviews detailed case information and decides not to provide any legal services to the client.  In these instances, the  relationship between the  attorney and the person whose detailed case information the attorney reviews on the PBOW site shall be considered that of an attorney and prospective client, as defined in Idaho Rule of Professional Conduct (IRPC) 1.18 and its commentary.  Accordingly, the attorney owes to the prospective client the duties set forth in IRPC 1.18. Specifically, the attorney may not reveal information learned from the prospective client, except as permitted by the IRPC.  In addition, the lawyer shall not thereafter represent a client whose interests are materially adverse to the prospective client in the same or a substantially related matter if the attorney received information that could be significantly harmful to the prospective client in that matter, except as provided in IRPC 1.18(d).  


PBOW is designed to insure client privacy.  Information available to ILAS, IVLP, and the attorney user shall remain confidential, subject to the limitations of this Privacy/Confidentiality Policy and the provisions of the IRPC, including but not limited to IRPC 1.6, which allows disclosure under certain circumstances. 

Information provided to this website may be maintained in a database or on the site for review in order to monitor the functioning of the website and to measure the effectiveness of the project.  Steps will be taken to maintain the security of this database and website and it will only be utilized by ILAS and IVLP, but an absolute guarantee of security is not possible when using the Internet and an Internet-based system. 

Lawyers Professional Liability Policy

If you agree to accept representation of a client through PBOW you will be eligible for primary or secondary malpractice insurance coverage through IVLP.  The coverage will be limited to liability for claims made against you in relation to the legal guidance you provided for the client you represent through IVLP. IVLP’s malpractice insurance policy is available for review upon request.


The Use Agreement for Lawyers may be amended or modified at any time.  Any such amendment or modification will be accompanied by a notification posted on the website.

By clicking the “I Agree” button, you agree:

  • I have read the Use Agreement for Lawyers and I understand the terms of the Use Agreement.
  • The information that I will provide is true and correct.
  • If I do not agree to the Use Agreement for Lawyers, I will not be able to use the system.