The Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities Website (PBOW) is a joint project funded by the Legal Services Corporation between Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP) and Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS) that is fundamentally changing the way that pro bono cases are placed across Idaho.

The PBOW site is designed to supplement IVLP’s phone based placement model and has greatly expanded the ability to place pre-screened cases with pro bono attorneys. Cases and legal clinics are posted to the PBOW site and attorneys input case preferences (such as location, area of practice and client status) which our system uses to reach out as new opportunities that fit the selected criteria arise.  Attorneys easily search, find, evaluate and select pro bono experiences that interest them. This makes it possible for more low income, vulnerable Idahoans to gain access to justice!

The need for civil legal services in Idaho far surpasses the supply, and PBOW is an technologically innovative way to close this gap by connecting attorneys who can provide pro bono service to people around our state.

How it works:

Using PBOW is a free and convenient way for attorneys in Idaho to find and volunteer for pro bono opportunities. 

Questions or comments? Use the Contact Us page or send an email to idahoprobono@isb.idaho.gov.

1. Activate Your Account

To use this website you must be licensed and in good standing with the Idaho State Bar (ISB). Enter the email address you have on file with ISB and your Idaho State Bar ID number. Accept the terms of use for this website and activate your account. 

2. Search for Pro Bono Opportunities

Once you have activated your account you can search for pro bono opportunities in Idaho by legal topic, populations served, and Idaho counties.

3. Receive Alerts

Set the type of pro bono opportunities you are interested in and you will receive email alerts when opportunities become available.

4. Volunteer for Pro Bono Opportunities

When you find an opportunity you are interested in do a conflict-check to make sure you can take on the case. If there is no conflict you can request the case.

5. Record Your Efforts

Once the case is assigned to you, you can work on the case and keep notes.  After you have completed the case, record the outcome of the case and the time you spent on the case.  

Questions or comments? Use the Contact Us page or send an email to idahoprobono@isb.idaho.gov.